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The Blooming Pot is a family floral design studio in Honolulu, creating beautiful flower arrangements for weddings, special events, the passing of loved ones, and of course luxury retail & hotels since 2003.

Joann Higa, the floral designer & founder behind the magic is a creative genius with a unique skill for turning flowers into incredible statement pieces that are the perfect touch to any location or occasion



As individual


The boutique style approach to Joann’s designs result in stunning floral arrangements that are always unique and reflect the person or brand she is designing for.
Her eye for detail and her passion for her craft have taken her from weddings and events, private client homes to being in-demand florists to brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Harry Winston and Omega.





At The Blooming Pot, each arrangement is selected by Joann with an eye to the client, from the flowers themselves to the vases and pots, using only high quality items and sourcing locally grown flowers and plants whenever possible.
The Blooming Pot is unique because everything has a personal touch and comes with the knowledge that you have a truly handcrafted product that is as individual as its audience.